About me

Creative Designer / Retoucher / Photographer

Hello, my name is Shiu Yuk Yuen and I am a Freelance Retoucher from London. Having worked for many clients, I can easily adapt to many different styles and produce work of a high standard and finish from a wide range of images from beauty, products and fashion.

I am here to work with inspired photographers. My work is not complete unless both the photographer and myself are satisfied with the final outcome. I specialize in flawless but natural looking beauty and high fashion retouching.

If you have any work related questions involving freelance work, commissions or collaborations, please feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

Clients / Photographers I've worked with:

  • Ruo Bing Li
  • Stefan Bourson
  • Natasha Overton
  • Bobby Cregger
  • MyPurpleBoutique
  • Powder and Blush Ltd
  • WBphotography
  • Howard Ng
  • Damien Mohn
  • House of Bruar

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